Nintendo Switch

All services include cleaning, new thermal paste, a check of all other functionality, full testing and the TechBuddy guarantee. 

USB-C Port Replacement


Replacement of a damaged USB-C port resulting in no charging and/or no video output to a Switch dock.

Not Reading Game Cards


If your Switch is not reading game cards anymore.

Not Reading microSD Cards


If your Switch is not reading microSD cards.

Not Turning On / Black Screen


If your Switch only shows a black screen and does not appear to turn on.

No Wi-Fi


If your Switch has lost wifi connectivity.

Display / Touch Repair


If your Switch has a damaged LCD either from physical damage or has developed lines, ghosting etc. and/or has damage to the touch panel/front layer.

Joycon Not Locking

$35 (Pair)

If your Joycons no longer stay locked into the console. I provide replacement latches which are metal as opposed to the plastic latches provided by Nintendo. The upgrade to metal latches permanently solves this problem.

Joycon Rail Repair

$110 (Pair)

If your Joycons are no longer pairing or charging on your Switch console.

Headphone Jack Not Working


If your Switch headphone jack is not working properly.

Orange Screen Repair


If your Switch shows an orange screen during startup.

Battery Replacement


If your Switch runtime is short before requiring to be charged again.

No Dock Video


If your Switch works fine except you have no video output when attached to the dock.

Remove Parental Control Password


If you forgot the parental control password on the Switch.

Joycon Joystick Upgrade

(Fix Stick Drift)

$139 (Pair, Upgraded Sticks)

If you have the infamous stick drift on your joycons, I can upgrade them to better sticks (hall effect) from Gulikit.

Joycon Joystick Replacement 

(Fix Stick Drift)

$69 (Pair)

If you have the infamous stick drift on your joycons, this is the option to replace them with new standard sticks. I recommend the option above over these.

Fan Replacement


If your fan has a strange sound or is non functional.

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