Book appointment

Take note of your appointment details and arrive on time.

 If you don’t arrive within your appointment time (that includes too early or too late) I might not be available. 

You can reschedule or cancel with the link you receive. 


Select and book an available 30 minute slot (aka arrival window). Take note of the appointment start and finish time. You can manage your booking via the links you receive if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you are dropping off a device, choose "Workshop Drop Off" and if you are picking up an existing device, choose "Workshop Pick up".


Arrive on time within the 30 minute slot/arrival window. For example, if you book for 10AM to 10:30AM, arrive BEFORE 10:30AM. Please cancel or reschedule your appointment if you won't make it. Please text me on 0466 777 957 to advise of any significant delays or changes. Please respect my time and schedule.


Your device is booked in and once the work is completed, you will be notified and must book again to pick up.

By clicking "I agree", I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions. I understand my responsibility to cancel, reschedule, or inform TechBuddy about any changes to my appointment. Receiving service upon arrival outside of the appointment slot cannot be guaranteed.

Minimum Spend - $55

If dropping off, please add a note to the booking with a reason.


Currently not taking on new repairs. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can book an appointment to pick up if you have an existing repair job with TechBuddy.