Hello, I’m Kyle.

At TechBuddy, I specialise in repair, upgrades and maintenance of gaming consoles (Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo) and computers (laptop & desktops). Mail-In (Worldwide) now accepted. Click book now then select mail-in.

Fantastic service delivered with friendliness and class: thanks so much Kyle.
Thank you Kyle for replacing our Xbox’S damaged hdmi port . The service was much quicker than I expected , competitively priced and Kyle provided a lot of helpful information.We are happy to have our Xbox back and working perfectly. I have recommended Techbuddy to family and friends !
I could not fault Kyle, his workmanship and his attitude one bit! I had a rather rare bit of equipment that Kyle nor I knew much about. He was able to repair it in no time and talk me though exactly what was wrong. I will definitely be using him again if needed without question!!!! Thanks again Kyle! Cheers
Kyle was professional, knowledgeable and kept me informed during the process. He explained everything to me so I felt up to speed with my computer. He is very reasonable in fees for his time. I chose Techbuddy due to the rave reviews and he didn't disappoint, I would recommend him time and time again.
In the end we decided not to proceed with the repair on Kyle’s advice. Kyle was very generous with his time to give realistic and honest advice about fixing our product - even when it meant not taking on a job. Very appreciative!
Very efficient, reasonable pricing
The absolute best person to deal with and an incredible turnaround time. Fixed my PS5 and saved me heaps of money. Thanx Kyle!!
Excellent work with my switch. Thanks
Excellent service provided by Kyle. My 3ds screen was cactus, Kyle gave me an estimate of about 2-3 weeks which is was completely fine (I don't have the knowhow to fix a device so sounds good to me) but I got a message a week later saying it's fixed! And even gave me an education on what he fixed and how. Thank you very much. Will definitely recommend you to anyone who mentions tech issues. Thanks again Kyle you rock!

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